Heir to the Throne

Defeat and Revelations in Ascencia
A tale of woe on the isle of the Amazons...

After our party addressed the wounds of their barbarian friend, they rested for 2 days. The captain took command of the pirates and readied the ship for sail. You are welcome aboard the Benevolent and set forth voyage with Captain Haimes and his sister Bethesda.

Captain Haimes informed you that the voyage would be 9-10 days, and so with the crew from the Finger Isles, your party is able to rest and enjoy the voyage. Seven days into the voyage the crew starts to get …anxious as they start seeing the guard ships from Ascencia and the crew they know all too well.

The crow’s nest calls out that there are three ships coming in fast to the starboard and they are flying the colors of the land of Ascencia.
A messenger pigeon flies aboard with a note; a crew member catches the bird and brings it to the captain.

It read…”Your ship appears to be from Hellias, but your crew looks like those vile creatures from the pirate isles. Return your answer with your destination and then we will come aside…you have one hour to answer or be blown from the sea. Sincerely Captain Kiddipe of the most sacred Ascencia Isles”

Sigwolf looked at Salazar and said, “What does it say?” Salazar informs him and then Sigwolf turns to Captain Haimes, “Well, do you wish to tell us what you are going to reply with?” Captain Haimes looked at Sigwolf, “why with our destination of course”

Sigwolf shook his head, “Last time you didn’t tell us what your plan was, so we will know, now, what your plans or intents were and look what happened” Cade said, “yeah, we almost lost Sigwolf!”

Captain Haimes took the note and replied with the destination and sent the bird back. Another returned with a note that simply said, “We are coming aside. Prepare to be boarded”

The Ascencia ships were fast and within the Benevolent in a short time. The ship’s captain, a very tall, broad and beautiful woman, calls her crew to the deck and they lay out a plank. She and 2 officers come aboard. She introduces herself as Captain Kiddipe and then introduces her junior officers and recognizes Captain Haimes. While not escorted before by Captain Haimes, he does recognize her.

Captain Haimes introduces the party and informs them that these are Amazons of the island nation of Ascencia. He also informs the amazons of the battle that just occurred on the Finger Isles. The amazons turned to each other whispered and then eyed up Sigwolf.

“We will escort you into the harbor and then we can discuss your business” Captain Kiddipe said. The amazons disembarked and gave signal to move out. They arrived at the Ascencia harbor within two days. At the dock, our party was asked what was their business by Captain Kiddipe, Salazar explains what it is they are to do and the captain agrees to escort them to the palace.

At the gate, the guard is informed and the party is then assessed and told that they would have to be readied to have audience with the sister queens of Ascencia. Our party then is led to a bath house, stripped and bathed. When they have finished, they receive their clothes that smell and feel laundered.

The party is then brought into the palace. Salazar takes note of the palace’s construction of marble and Corinthian columns. They are led to the throne room, on the thrones are two very beautiful women but they appear massive. Next to one, is a young woman who Sigwolf notices looks very much like the statues from the house of Conn.

Normal women were seen to be about a foot lower than Salazar and Sigwolf but they notice that the guards and what appear to be warriors are only a few inches shorter than themselves. They are brought before the queens and Salazar speaks.

He informs the queens of their purpose, to fetch the Selenia, the daughter of King Conan and protect her. Queen Penora stands and asks to move into another room to discuss. In the antechamber, the two queens and the party explain what must be done. The queen explains that Selenia was to depart in three days but that should would be allowed to go with the party.

At this time, Feng Tszu is led to the corner by one if the high priestesses clothed in orange silks, Xochital. The queen then turned to the rest of the party and said, “Ascencia every now and then needs the body of men, to help us further the line of our race. We have assessed that you of good stock and wish to have you procreate with Amazons who are of the time to bear children. There are fifteen of us who are in season right now”

Sigwolf states, “I will bed any that can beat me in a test of combat”
Cade looks at Salazar and they both step to the right. “Sigwolf speaks for himself your highness, my good soldier here and I am ready to serve the queens!” The queen nods to Cade and Salazar then turns to Sigwolf, “So be it”

Sigwolf is tested with five of the amazon warriors and defeats them all, Salazar takes Cades arm and says, “Well, that’s seven for me and you take eight!”

During the following two days the test of vigor is made upon Cade and Salazar, for they must serve the queen and endeavor to further the Amazon civilization!

Sigwolf is left with the Princess Selenia and is given an extensive tour of the grounds and a history lesson on the Amazonian soldiers and training camps. Selenia was gracious and took to Sigwolf quite easily. Sigwolf noticed that their military skirts were shorter than his companion Salazar!

On the second night, Sigwolf was disturbed by a fitful sleep and began to dream. He dreamed of the high priestess whom he met the other day and she is in a temple that looks to be near. Her hair is in disarray and she is at a cauldron of massive size, a size big enough to fit a man in! But there is no man in this cauldron, for the priestess is chanting and her eyes are of purple and orange flames.

She calls out for Connobar and there in the goo that she is chanting over is the fallen son of Conan, Connobar! Sigwolf shouts in his sleep, “Stop foul bitch!” The priestess Xochital looked up started and then let out a massive and horrific howl that Sigwolf was stunned in his sleep.

All he could do was watch as Connobar emerged from the cauldron and leave. Sigwolf was immobile for a while as he saw Connobar bring the bound princess Selenia into the temple and escape with her into the cauldron. Sigwolf was able to move within the dream and forced himself to awake but not before he saw the priestess begin to summon what looked like amber made of Amber.

Sigwolf’s bedding was soaked with sweat and he leapt to his feet calling for his companions! Sigwolf grabbed his sword and banged on the doors of Salazar and Cade. Salazar sprang to his feet and was out the door right behind as they heard Cade say,”uh, be right there!”
Sigwolf burst into the temple and crossed the threshold first but Salazar a few seconds behind had the doors shut on him by an opposing force. Salazar forced the door opened with some effort and came side by side with Sigwolf. Behind them, the doors slammed shut again and all could be heard was the fire under the cauldron and the chanting of the bitch witch!

Before them was the High priestess Xochital and from her cauldron came the fourth of Lions made of Amber. They were huge creatures at least twice the size of regular lions. They heard the priestess chanting again and up from the cauldron was a flesh golem.

As Sigwolf was about to charge in, Salazar grabbed Sigwolf by the arm and said, “Let them come to us”. And he was right to do so for as the first flesh golem came out a second started to form. It was here that Cade could be heard pounding on the doors.

In the temple stood four Amber Golem in the shape of Lions and two Flesh golems stand seven feet high. Salazar and Sigwolf held fast as they appeared to have the upper hand. The Amber lions took the bait and moved in on the pair as the pounding from Cade continued.

The lions reached the pair of heroes and then one by one went through their attack but barely making a mark on them. The Flesh golems moved in and made their attack, but again not making a mark on the heroes. It was at this time that Cade summoned all his strength and spirit and burst through the cursed doors, splintering them to the floor only to have them fly back in to shape and shut with a bang!

Cade advanced past the surrounded duo, “Looks like you got them covered, I’ll take the bitch!” He notched an arrow and let it fly towards the priestess. She reacted by making a circle in front of her and the arrow stopped from an unseen barrier. She then reached into a pouch and dropped what looked like white sticks on the floor of the temple. Skeletons, eight of them, began coming out of the marble floor of the temple on either side of the witch Xochital.

Sigwolf flew into an attack hitting the Amber golem in front of him, striking but not doing any visible damage. Salazar went next and he too struck but no damage was done. The flesh golems attacked next and they struck Sigwolf who looked visibly shaken but soaked it all in, yelling out a war cry in response, “SIGWOLF!!!!”

Salazar inspired by the war cry withstood his attacks from the Amber lions. Meanwhile, Cade came in closer and notched another arrow and sent it hurtling towards the witch. But the arrow hit the barrier again with a clank, falling to the floor. The skeletons finally able to move, surrounded Cade and one by one, like the dwarves smithing weapons with their hammers, the skeletons brought down their swords on Cade. The first blow, the deadliest of the night, caused Cade to be shaken and take two wounds. All of the other swords fell on his skin like hammers to the anvil.

The lions attacked again and two of the lions struck Sigwolf, shaking him and wounding him. Salazar also took hits from both lions but neither did any damage to him. The flesh golems attacked next and they both stuck as well but Sigwolf took another series of blows and he was wounded yet again. Mustering his vigor, Sigwolf was able to withstand the pain from his wounds and struck the lion in front of him but it was not enough to damage it.

Salazar struck the Flesh golem in front of him, splitting his head and the stitching holding him together was pulled from the force of the blow, it fell apart in a loud plop before Salazar and the Amber Golems. Salazar disengaged and ran to confront the witch. The witch raised her hand and let loose bolts of lightning and three flew past Cade, missing him entirely.

Sigwolf, still visibly shaken, was not able to muster his vigor and was left standing there awaiting the blows of the lions and the sole flesh golem. The Lions attacked and both hit and each delivered two fresh wounds to Sigwolf, and the mighty barbarian fell back to the floor bleeding, profusely from the wounds. The flesh golem turned and started towards Cade, but cade was taking blow after blow of the skeletons swings and none was as brutal as that first, they were most ineffective against this naked thief!

Unfortunately, Salazar reached the witch as Sigwolf fell to the floor and hit her but his swings were not delivering any damage to break her toughness. The Amber golems broke from the heaping pile of flesh that was Sigwolf and turned and rushed for Salazar the noble soldier. They attacked and hit Salazar with such force that it was a sad sight to see the trained soldier, who has won many battles of strategic combat succumb to the thrashing teeth of Amber golems. For Salazar fell back from the blow, lying on the temple floor, succumbing to his wounds.

The witch dropped her control of the skeletons and the Amber golems turned their attacks to Cade, the final warrior of this party standing their ready to strike but the amber golems, like hounds of hell, tore at the naked thief, shredding him. And with one last howl, the once brave Cade, thief of the night, fell to the temple floor.

The witch, satisfied, let out a horrific laugh; she walked by Salazar kicking him in the head with disrespect. She went to the cauldron and uttered a chant and Feng Tszu who was asleep in the palace saw in his sleep the evil witch Xochital. She said, "You shall live to bear witness to these deaths. She went on to show Feng Tszu how each of his companion died, and he was sweating, trapped in his dream seeing his companions die. She said, “Feng Tszu, you fool, it was destined that Connobar be the Heir to the throne of his grandfather, Laojin, father of Connobar’s mother. For Laojin, a powerful sorcerer mated with Hordan and bestowed upon him a green egg, within contained his most powerful aid, the Daughter of Hordan! Laojin murdered his brother to soak the egg in blood of the great warrior that Laojin was and sprung forth the great six armed daughter of Hordan. It was destined that Connobar, the Heir to the throne of Laojin would do has his grandfather did and mate with Hordan, and feed his brother Conn’s blood to the gift that Hordan would bestow upon Connobar, his own Daughter of Hordan. Connobar would then take his sister Selenia as his prize bride, and then he could also take the throne to his fool of a father.” She then started to laugh, and then the image faded and the laughing turned to Connobar sitting on his throne, Selenia glassy eyed in the throne next to him, with a seven foot daughter of Hordan at his right side. Connobar spoke, “Feng Tszu, it all started with you, In order for me to summon Hordan, I needed this.” And Connobar lifted the yeti statue the coveted statue that was the quest of Feng Tszu. Feng Tszu saw Connobar laughing a howling laugh. And then next to Connobar was the yeti and it let out a horrific bellow.

Feng Tszu awoke screaming from the hellish site not wanting believe it to be true, but knowing with his sense that he could not feel his companions. Feng Tszu could only sit there, rocking himself as he realized they had failed in their quest, in their promise to King Conan.

Bloodshed and Servility

After being knocked out by the pirates of the Finger islands, our heroes had been taken below the deck of the Benevolent and split up. Salazar, Cade and Sigwolf were taken to a holding compartment and had been tied, hands and feet, and hung from poles like slabs of meat. The pygmies have tended to you but they have been seen often, looking at our heroes with hungry eyes and rubbing their stomachs.

Our party learned, from over hearing the crew, that Captain Pettibout is one of two, the older brother, Hendrix, is on the islands and has the sister of Captain Haimes, Bethesda, as his prisoner. There is talk that he is also the much more troublesome of the two for he is heard to have powers equal to that of the elusive Connobar.

After what Salazar, Feng Tszu, Sigwolf and Cade reason that they have been traveling for 4 or 5 days at sea. After a time, they felt the ship weigh anchor. As the pygmies come in to the holding area to collect our party of heroes, the pygmies are most excited and they have gathered up our party as if they were no real burden up to the deck of the Benevolent. They were lowered to 3 smaller boats off the side of the ship and then they were off to what some could see as shore.

After a short time of rowing, the boats have landed on a beach, and the pygmies are excited. The 7 Pygmy hunters and sole shaman brought our party to a camp that has a huge fire pit and they are building a huge fire. They are laid out in two by two piles, Salazar and Feng Tszu, Sigwolf and Cade. Sigwolf motioned to Cade that he was about to break loose, Cade in turn signaled to Salazar and Feng Tszu laid there.

Salazar began to create a distraction and Sigwolf snapped his hands free, quick to cover up the breach. Cade then was able to break his hands free and hid his freed hands as well. Salazar continued to make the distraction and Sigwolf motioned to Cade that he should ready himself as he was about to free his feet. Sigwolf the mighty, broke his hands free but the loud thump from his mass brought the full attention of the Pygmies to him and they pounced on him.

Cade then began to free himself as the Pygmies were distracted by the pummeling of Sigwolf by the 4’2" hunters and their blow guns. Cade made thump and then belly crawled to Salazar and cut him and Feng Tszu from their bindings. Then they came rushing to Sigwolf’s aid and joined the fray!

Sigwolf, as mighty as he was was sorely tested with the little men who barely came to his waist! Swinging wildly. he dispatched them most inefficiently and not without picking up a wound or two before his comrades could come to his rescue nor before Cade caved in a skull or two! They quickly looked for any weapons and found crates that the pygmies bought with them. In one crate was there personal effects.

After dispatching with these eight, they took one of the boats and headed to the next island. There they found another camp, and the bones of those not fortunate enough to escape. “Ne demandez pas pour qui sonne le glas, le glas sonne pour toi!” The term translated, “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, The bell tolls for thee!” – This was all Cade could think of when he discovered different sizes of human bones…all that he picked up had teeth marks on them…he shivered and continued to scout out the abandoned camp.

They found a similar crates as in their camp and quickly set upon searching them. All were full of rusted weapons and armor. The set to the boat again and this time, they went straight to the largest of the Five fingers. They let Cade lead as Sigwolf was still nursing his little welts from his lil opponents. Cade was able to discover another boat and found yet another camp. This time they was only five pirates held within readying to eat their meal. Cade, Sigwolf and Salazar walked up first as they were nervous for Feng Tszu since he was so small.

Cade notched a bow and walked up with the stealth of a jungle cat on easy prey, only to let the arrow fly, find its mark in the head of the apparent leader, leaving a sound of a pumpkin being pierced by an arrow. Cade was known to hit his mark while they ate, “It is right to have ones belly full before he is carried by the Valkyries to Valhalla!”

The slain pirates companions started to get up when a broad shouldered pirate said, “Fuck em! I’m the leader now!” He rushed Cade and the others drew their throwing knives and let loose on Sigwolf. Sigwolf, who after being pummeled by wee little pygmies, was struck dead in the chest with a throwing knife taking a wound! Salazar thought, “ooh its not his day!”

Cade quickly dispatched the next leader while Salazar once again came to Sigwolf’s aid. Salazar dispatched with one of the pirates while two remaining pirates descended on Sigwolf!

As Salazar made quick practice of the pirate by thrusting his spear into the pirate’s body, he noticed Sigwolf was at least (and finally) defending himself appropriately. Cade had taken care of his pirate and began to work on the two remaining pirates beating on Sigwolf.

After our battered heroes dispatched of these pirates, they set off to find Captain Haimes and his sister. All they needed to do was search a bit more and they heard voices coming through the jungle foliage. They heard a woman’s screams and Captain Haimes shouting.

The came up to a scene of a camp of three huts and Captain Haimes being tide to a pole and his sister, a buxom red headed beauty tied to another pole. Caressing her cheek was a disheveled man whom our heroes could only tell was Captain Hendrix Pettibout! The scourge of the finger islands!

From one of the huts came two Pygmies who looked different that the group that bought our heroes to the first island. Captain Pettibout pulled a small golden idol from within his jacket. From far away, Feng Tszu felt a sudden pull as he recognized the golden totem of the yeti in the hands of this bastard and watched him hand it over to the pygmies. The pygmies handed Captain Pettibout a bag and he attached it to his waist. The Pygmies retreated through the jungle and were gone. Feng Tszu knew that was the item within his visions, it was the lost and sacred artifact of his temple!

Feeling up to it, our heroes once again came into full view of the camp and asked for the release of the Captain Haimes and his sister, Bethesda. Captain Hendrix Pettibout laughed and whistled, and out from three of the huts were twelve pirates! Our heroes after going through thirteen men so fare this day, laughed and said – “Bring it!”

Captain Pettibout smiled and said “Oh I shall” and reached into the sack that the pygmies gave him and produced the finger bones of the pirates that had been consumed by these cannibal pygmies. For if you do not know, when the cannibal pygmies eat your flesh they also consume your soul. They perform rituals over the bones to do their bidding to whomever brings them back, grateful to be out of the darkness…

Captain Pettibout reached into the satchel and sprinkled the bones of those consumed by the cannibals! Slowly from the bones, skeleton pirates came out of the ground and stood their waiting for their commands. “Kill them,” was all Captain Pettibout uttered and they descended upon our party of heroes.

Now, with Sigwolf hurt, Salazar Feng Tszu and Cade fought the twenty in groups of fours, with 8 surrounding Sigwolf as he was the largest target for them. Salazar taking quick action rushed the pirates to his right and cut off any throwing daggers and used his spear with surgical precision to fight his share of the battle.

Cade took his four and brought about the end of one pirate quickly. He then rushed in and started to take aim at the leader. Sigwolf, being battered again abut hurting both the priates and the skeletons broke loose from his group and followed Cade.

Feng Tszu had four on him and with his whispering staff, laid then to the ground and knocked them back 20 feet!

Salazar was nothing but a flurry with his spear but he too was becoming overwhelmed. He dropped to a knee after a particularly vicious attack to his ribs. Cade rushed Captain Pettibout and tried to dispatch of him quickly but it couldn’t be done!

Cade, with the last of his might brought about his short sword down and sunk the head into the clavicle of Captain Pettibout! Releasing it from the body with a spray of blood. Sigwolf grabbed the head of Pettibout and cleaved it off with one swing lifting it into the air like the trophy it was.

As if they were all connected, the skeletons dropped and the pirates stopped what they were doing and half fled. The other half looked at the head and then back at their target and began their next attack. Sigwolf screamed, “Behold I am your leader now, follow me or meet the same fate as this one!” After hearing the intimidating words of Sigwolf the pirates all eight of them said they would follow Sigwolf.

Cade wiping his brow, then untied Captain Haimes. Sigwolf in turn went for his Sister, whom he tried to get friendly with and she slapped him. Salazar only muttered the words “over here” and then dropped face first into the sand. Bethesda was a healer and she laid hands on Salazar and brought him too. Feng Tszu was brought in to help restore Salazar.

Bethesda then went on to help Sigwolf with his wounds as was Feng Tszu. Sigwolf just looked about and said, “where’s the ale?”

Captain Haimes looked at the four heroes shaking his head in disbelief at the servility, “I guess you earned your passage to Ascencia”

(Fade to black)

Out of the mountains and Into the darkness

As our heroes learned of the attack on the house of Conn from the house servant, Horatio, who informed them that Conobar had designs on the king’s daughter, Selenia. It is unknown what Connobar wants her for, only that she is needed.

Horatio also informed our heroes that if they were to follow the range of mountains through the pass, they would come upon the kingdom of Hellias. It is the season of harvest and the king’s Harvest Carnival is among the kingdom. It was learned that it might be hard to acquire a vessel to take them to the island of Ascaia, the island of the Amazon queens.

After hearing of this, our heroes mounted up and brought Horatio with them. Hillario spoke for the king that he would be a welcome addition to the kings house till Conn was found. Horatio agreed and the six of you set on your path to Hellias.

After ten days of travel with nothing interesting occurring during this time, they found them selves at the gate to Hellias. But the gates were closed and were told to come back in the morning, so as one would do, they made camp out by the sides of the roads with the rerst of the travelers had.

They awoke and saw people coming and going through the now open gates. They broke camp and headed into the city of Hellias. Salazar the soldier and Feng Tszu went to the docks and learned that the ships were all dockes and had no crews as they were all making their way to the Harvest carnival in the heart of the city.

Sigwolf and Cade made their way to the nearest taverns as they were looking for sailing crews to purchase their passage to Ascencia. However, they found themselves in the tavern with all men and no wenches! They never ever found themselves in this predicament and soon discovered from the only serving wench if it were female companion ship they were looking for they needed to head to the Harvest Carnival…to the Red flagged tents…not the blue, for they would be most disappointed if they went to the blue flagged tents. As it were the serving wench was able to scare up a few whores for Sigwolf with the meal and ale. After they ate and drank, they retired to their rooms to commence with their whoring ways.

Meanwhile, Salazar and Feng Tszu discover from the harbor master that there is one ship that is readying to set sail, the Benevolent. Salazar and Feng Tszu find Captain Haimes Mendestoux. Captain Haimes informes Salazar that he is not taking on any passengers on this time. Looking distressed, Salazar asked if he and Feng Tszu could be of any help as they were adventurers. Captain Haimes thought a moment and informed Salazar that he would take them on as passangers if they would help him man his ship as his crew was out and couldnt be brought back in condition to sial. They would also have to sail to rescue his sister, Bethesda Mendestoux who has been captured by Captain Hendrix Pettibou, the scurge of the Finger Island pirates!

Salazar accepts the offer and he and Feng Tszu embark on their way to the Festivel to find Sigwolf and Cade. Salazar having gotten to know his new adventuring group, decides he and Feng Tszu should head to the whore tents first!

And his guess was right, Sigwolf had decimated an entire tent and was being cursed in foreign languages as he threw water over himself after satiating his carnal appetites. After collecting Sigwolf and Cade, they made their way back to the Benevolent. After boarding, they were introduced with Captain Haimes and on the next morning they set sail.

Captain Haimes instruiced the heroes how to work the various sails and what was needed to get the ship where it needed to. Three days into the journey, Feng Tszu who was up in the crow’s nest, saw a ship in the distance approaching fast. As they were trying to gather everyone on the deck, the unrecognized ship got closer, and through his spyglass, Captain Haimes recognized it as one of the Finger Island Pirate ships, the Terrible’ It was rumored to be captained by Theroux Pettibou, a Captain of the finger pisland pirates and brother to Captain Hendrix Petibou and just as nasty.

Captain Haimes took the heroes below and showed them how to fire the cannons. Sigwolf and Cade manned the cannons and Salazar and Feng Tszu readied for boarders.

As the Terrible got closer it took a offensive position to the benevolent and came along side of her, letting loose a barage of canon balls. and they could see the men of the Terrible set grappling hooks for boarding parties. The Terrible came about and let loose another barage of cannon balls and this time it was enough to get close to the Benevolent and take her. Captain Haimes, Salazar and Feng Tzu waited as the pirates came aboard and it looked like it was the captain himself who came over as well.

“Thanks for bringing me a new ship, bring yourselves out and we wont kill you slowly!‘, Captain Theroux yelled. Captain Haimes came out and said, “Fine we surrender” Hearing that, like the trained soldier he was, Salazar came out ready to swing with little Feng Tszu as his heels. "The great Salazar doesn’t surrender!’ and Captain Haimes turned to him and said, “Today you do as this was my plan!”

Feng Tszu and Salazar broke into action – Feng Tszu took his whistleing staff to the men in front of him and sent them flying 30 feet back and Salazar went after the Captain. The captain had a pisoners glove on and grazed Salazar’s face. He could feel a slick sticky substance on his face and he started to feel funny.

It was Feng Tsu who noticed that about half of the men on the Terrible’ were pygmies he had heard about. The hunters were known to have blow guns with poisoned darts in them.
And as he was contemplating this, he felt a stick in his neck and he too started feeling the ealry affects. of this poison.

Sigwolf and Cade were letting cannon balls fly and they noteiced through the holes in the boat that the crew were half pygmies. And Cad saw the blow guns and ducked. He was even hit once or twice but was not affected as of yet. Sigwolf was not so lucky as he was hit a multiple times in the chest and started keeling forward.

Before Feng Tszu collapsed he brought his muster togethor and made an incredible blow to the head of Captain Theroux Pettibou, and spit his skull wide open. As he was recovering from the swing, Feng Tszu like his comrades started to feel himself slip into the darkness of unconsciousness.

Danger down below
As recounted by Sigwolf the Mighty

We arrived at the house of Conn to find another traveler named Cade waving us forward. He says he is here seeking Conn like us and we call out for Listers guards to let us in. After no one answers I tried to lift the gate but it is stuck solid. Cade climbs up the wall like some spider and opens the gate to let us inside. I still think the gate was broken.

Inside we check the rooms and find no trace of anyone and it doesn’t look like a fight has taken place but the keep is very clean. Then I notice that under the alter is a hidden passage that is not of the same work as the keep. We head down a strange set of stairs and see light far below. As I lead the way we find a room with four of Connobar’s priests and they change form into strange beasts. I save the green little man from death as I kill the hairy man beast, Cade kills the big bug that eats metal, and the soldier kills the cats.

We continue on and find giant rats that the green man used some spell on. Using fire and sword we kill the rats and move forward until we come to and outside garden. Their we find an older man that talks about the statues and the woman it is carved after, Selenia. She is the one from my dreams and I must have her but that sorcerous spawn is after her as well.

Now above all else he must die. That is my vow, by blood, or death if that be the will of Crom.

Trials by Fire and Crags of Tribulation

As our party left Jalizar, they were led across the vast land of the dread Sea Dominions. Passing through the region of Zandor. Travels through the Iron and Imperial trade routes built by the Iron Empire. Our heroes passed through the mountain ranges only to be haunted by dreams and visions of the future. Dreams and visions that may come to pass or merely glimpses of what might be.

As the group came onto its last day of a fortnight, it found its way to the Independent Cities and finally to the gates of Aquilonia, the city kingdom of Conan the Barbarian. The guards at the gate took down the names of our heroes and brought them before the king and Lister, Hi Sargent-at-arms. Salazar, Feng Tzu and Sigwolf all informed the king of their intent.

Conan looked at the three and said, “Well you don’t look better than those that came before you and they didn’t pass the test.”

Salazar looked at his companions and then back at the King, “Test??”

Conan smiled and said, “Of course there is a test, would you think I would let anyone ride with me? You look road worn, perhaps we should start in the morning and you will join us for this evenings meal.” He motioned to his page, “set them to separate rooms and give them bathing attendants”

Salazar thanked the king for the group and they went to their rooms and set about the task of getting cleaned and bathed for the evening meal.

After their bathing and freshening up, the three were summoned to the main hall where three long tables were set with meats, joints and various breads. Ale and wine were provided and the heroes took their seats next to the king and Lister. The three began questions the king and were informed of the kings children. Connobar, Conn, Den Selinia and

The king spoke of the island of Acensia and how he came to take an Amazon bride, all the while piquing the interest of the barbarian of the group. He spoke of his daughter and how she was taken back to Ascencia at age five and of her nurse maid.

When dinner was over, they returned to their rooms and Feng Tzu quickly met with Salazar and discussed his dreams that occurred during their journey to the kings city. Salazar told him that they should meet with Sigwolf so he could hear as well. Upon knocking upon Sigwolf’s door, the sounds of procreation. Feng Tzu and Salazar looked at each other and shook their heads.

They knocked on Sigwolf’s door and there was a brief pause then the sounds of footsteps. Sigwolf opened the door without his loincloth and said, “Enter – my bathing attendants might be able to walk for a few hours but…we can speak freely…”

They all three discussed their dreams and what they might mean…it was Salazar who then stated that he did not put much faith in dreams but the steel of his blade. They bid each other good night and went to practice separately for their trials in the morning.

Trials by Fire
Sigwolf was first to hear the knock on his door letting him know he would be soon tested.
As Sigwolf entered the main hall, he was escorted to a courtyard. Their he was met by Conan and Lister and a few other members of the kings army.

“Who shall be the one to test me?”, Sigwolf said. The king looked at him and said, “I will…the only way to test a barbarian is by another barbarian”

Sigwolf paused and then smiled. “We will not be using real weapons as I need you fresh, not beaten so this will only be to first blood”, said the king. So the pages brought out two short sword made of wood. The bowed to each other and then the test began. Sigwolf was indeed a skilled fighter and was matching the kings blows if not surpassing him. When Sigwolf made a skilled move and drew first blood from a blow to the kings back, there was a murmur amongst the soldiers.

“Quiet,” Conan said, “Sigwolf, you are indeed mighty as you have claimed, please head back to your rooms and wait to be summoned for the evening meal.” Conan called for his page, “See Sigwolf the mighty to his rooms and bring him two…no bring him four bathing attendants for his worthiness in his test here today!” And with that, Sigwolf was led back to his room smiling, having past the test and impressed the king…

An hour later, there was a knock at Feng Tzu’s door. Feng Tzu answered and then followed the page to the main hall. Conan, with a wrap around his midsection, said, “Feng Tzu, which shall you be tested in, your marital skills or your…other skills?” Feng Tzu looked about him and then said, “Martial skills, your highness” With that, Conan snapped his fingers and said, “Bring us Ming!”

From a side corridor came a Jademan of the same stature as Feng Tzu. “Ming, who is as you can see a Jadman monk as well. He will administer your test.”, said the king. Ming removed his tunic and went to the side to lay it neatly in a small bundle on the floor. He came back and removed his soft soled shoes and then preceded to bow before Conan, who merely nodded to Ming. Ming then walked to Feng Tzu and then bowed, keeping his eyes on the task at hand and then the test was on as Ming reached for his bo staff.

Feng Tzu bowed as well and started twirling his staff, a whistle coming from the staff emitted. Feng Tzu was quick but not quick enough for as he reached out with his staff, Ming was already extended and made contact on Feng Tzu’s shoulder.

Feng Tzu then came around looking to attack but was met again with a thrust of Ming’s bow staff to the stomach. Bending over, Feng Tzu was getting winded but was able to come around and connect to the temple of ming. Taken back, Ming twirled his bo staff and detached it into two batons…since this was a match to first blood, and being a monk as well, he remembered his teachings – “Learn the ways to preserve rather than destroy. Avoid rather than check; check rather than hurt; hurt rather than maim, maim rather than kill; for all life is precious, nor can any be replaced.” …

Ming twirled his batons, and began his decent upon Feng Tzu, with a crack to Feng Tzu’s arms splitting the skin drawing first blood and ending the test of Feng Tzu.

Ming bowed to Feng Tzu and turned to Conan and bowed. Conan returned the bow with a non, then Ming walked ever so lightly to his tunic and left the main hall. "Feng Tzu, that was no easy task. Please return to your room, for while you did not pass this test, I will speak with you later.

An hour later, Salazar heard a knock at the door and a page entered begging the soldier’s presence within the main hall. Salazar was up earlier in the morning fully clothed, spear and shield in hand…awaiting his test. He rose and gripped the extensions of his limbs and once more, readied himself for battle. As he walked into the main hall, he noticed soldiers from Conan’s army gathered about. “Salazar, are you ready for your test?” Said King Conan,
Salazar, replied, “I am” and Conan motioned to Lister who was followed by two pages, each carrying a wooden sword. “Since you are a soldier and Lister here is of your ranks, he will be the one to administer your test” Lister saluted, Salazar returning the gesture. Conan simply stated, “Begin” and the two men began circling each other. Lister, confident as he was, reached out first but was met with an uncanny defense by Salazar. Salazar, motioned for Lister but no words were spoken, for each knew what the motion meant. “Come”
Lister drew in for a strike but was met with a strike from the head of Salazar’s shield. Lister shaken, reached back to strike but was deflected. Salazar reached out and struck lister in the arm, and with that as quickly as it started, Salazar drew first blood and the test was ended. There was a murmur among the soldiers and Lister drew back and saluted.
Conan, “Salazar, please return to your rooms and await the evening meal,” he motioned for his page, “Fetch two bathing attendants and see them to his room”

Later that evening, in the main hall, Salazar, Sigwolf and Feng Tzu were brought to the main hall. they feasted and again had an audience with Conan and Lister. They were to leave in the next morning, Conan, Salazar, Sigwolf and Feng Tzu and accompanying them would be two pack animals with provisions and two rangers. Sigwolf, asked Conan for a double headed axe he took from a Ivory Tribesmen. And on the following morning agreed for it would be fitting to pass along a piece of his history to one so much like Conan was when he was young.

The next day they set off to the the priest house of Conn. They traveled for two days and on the second day while in the midst of the crags, Sigwolf and Salazar felt as if they were being watched. Similar to his dream, Salazar hung close to the king. Sigwolf noticing the sound of rocks moving ahead of them motioned for all to be ready. Salazar heard a bow sting snap from his left and with a second nature, lifted his shield up and caught an arrow intended for Conan. Sigwolf and Conan drew their swords. Feng Tzu readied him self and his staff. And then from above on their right, another bow string snapped and a big arrow sunk its way deep into Conan right side of his chest. Falling to the ground, Salazar quickly moved to cover the fallen king.

Above, was the black robed figure of Connobar, his brother Den with his Hell hound, and an archer. Connobar addressed Feng Tzu, “I warned you monk, victory will not be yours” And in his hand he produced a lightning bolt and sent it hurtling towards Feng Tzu. Missing, Feng Tzu bolted up the side of the rocks. Sigwolf, threw a hand axe he had and it missed Connobar. Salazar stayed in place guarding the king.

Connobar again swirled his hands and produced another bolt striking Feng Tzu. Den the druid brother of Connobar sent his hell hound after Feng Tzu. The archer let loose an arrow and intended for Sigwolf, bounced off of his loin cloth hero-ed chest!! (Unbelievable)
Sigwolf, too began to climb the crags. Salazar again remained there to protect the king.

The hell hound upon reaching Feng Tzu was burned badly by Feng Tzu’s magic as he touched his staff to the beast and a howl emitted from it nearly freezing people in their place. Connobar let loose another lightning bolt at Feng Tzu this time, striking the monk who was taking shelter amongst the rocks. Sigwolf approached and swung his axe at Den who went down quickly as he was not as mighty as his brother Connobar. Feng Tzu sent Connobar back again with his staff and the archer let loose another arrow which again, bounced off of Sigwolf’s chest.

Connobar picked himself up and went to his brother, looking down at his father said, “you will die father, and it will be by my hand” and with that he looked up at the heavens and screamed “WIND!” and a dust cloud engulfed Den and Connobar and they were gone.

Sigwolf began chasing the archer but he was bounding down the crags to escape. Salazar lifted his shield from Conan who grabbed his arm and said, protect my son and my daughter, any that get in your way destroy them!

Feng Tzu tried to heal Conan but it was decided that it would be best if he returned and that one of the rangers take him back. The other ranger would be able to lead them to the priest house of Conan’s son Conn and the unknown that awaits.

Kismet in Jalizar, City of Thieves
Our Story So Far...

In the port of Jalizar, a frigate docked and began unloading its cargo and passengers. On the plank of the ship, a man dressed as a soldier disembarks the frigate and steps foot onto the dock in Jalizar, also know as the city of thieves. Disheveled and unkempt, the soldier begins walking and stopping here or there for people that will speak to him or give him the time of day. He begins to ask where work might be obtained and he is pointed to the Anvil and Forge, the local smithy run by Ah-tun.

As the soldier walks into the smithy, Ah-tun is showing the another customer to the adjoining armory owned by his brother, Chen. Chen is himself, measuring a Jademan, a Jademan who when looked at appears calm in nature if you were to describe him. The soldier overheard the Jademan ordering armor and it would take Chen two days to complete the pieces.

The Soldier walked to Ah-tun and asked if there is work to be found. Ah-tun said that if he were looking for work, he might have some but if it were the adventuring kind that the soldier wanted, he would be able to find it at the Fatted Calf, one of the cities Inns of ill repute.

The soldier, whose name was Salzar Piscar Augustus, upon hearing this, asked if there was any day jobs to do to afford the inn. Overhearing this, the Jademan Monk approached and introduced himself as Feng Tzu. The monk said he would cover the Soldier at the inn.

At this time, a rather large barbarian came through the door (more like filled it) of the Anvil and Forge. He came in looking to see what was available in this part of the country. The barbarian walked about the smithy looking at the various collections of weaponry and introduced himself to the soldier and the Monk.

“I am Sigwolf, of the Northern lands” as he put his fists on his waist. “I have heard one might find adventure here” The Jademan informed Sigwolf that they two were looking for adventure and then invited Sigwolf to accompany them to the Fatted Calf. Ah-tun mentioned that while they could find most anything at the Fatted Calf, he had heard of a rumour of a barbarian king, searching for his son, who was kidnapped. That was all that he was told but they could probably find out more at the inn.

Once in the Fatted Calf, Sigwolf made sure the locals knew who they were dealing with by informing a table of citizens that they were in his place. After obtaining his chair, he called for food, drink and wenches. Upon hearing this, an entertainer, named Lana came over, She was medium size, curvaceous and the head of the entertainment at the Fatted Calf. “after you bring me my ale, bring me six of your finest…entertainers for I am Sigwolf and my hunger in my belly and my loins are immense” She explained that she only had a few entertainers at the time. Feng Tzu and Salazar just took to a meal and drank. Sigwolf being the most gregarious and generous barbarian that he was, offered two of the entertainers to each Feng Tzu and Salazar. Salazar, a man of honor, felt awkward in taking anything but did accept the hospitality of the barbarian and adjourned himself for the night in the room Feng Tzu acquired for him.

On the following morning Salazar was up and trying to find work since they would be there for another day waiting on the new armor Feng Tzu ordered. Feng Tzu made it out to the great room as he saw Salazar doing things for the Inn keep, Meng, who was also a brother of the armorer, Ah-tun. It was at this time, that Sigwolf came stumbling out of the room he had and went out the front door, hoisted his loin cloth and relieved himself. Only to have woken up the self proclaimed prince of thieves, Clem who was sleeping outside of the Inn.

HEY!”, Sigwolf looked down and laughed, not stopping (because as one know, its hard to stop once you start) Sigwolf finished and came in, “Ale and food, then more women!”

Meng brought Clem a towel and said, “Don’t wipe your self, just go to the stabe and wash – this is for you to dry…teaches you to sleep outside of doors” meng turned to Sigwolf, “So are you the barbarian looking for adventure?” Sigwolf said " I am" Feng Tzu came out of his room and sat at the table with Sigwolf. Salazar, who was helping in the back, came out front wiping his hands.

Meng looked and said, " The barbarian king Conan of one of the independent cities, Aquilonia, is looking for mercenaries to find his kidnapped son, Conn. the reward is supposed to be great. The king has five sons and one daughter as heirs. There is one supposedly that comes to Jalizar often but it is only rumored. The man you relieved yourself on is a beggar but could lead you as he was a travel guide before he got lost in his drink. It is a two week ride by camel or horse."

Sigwolf, Feng Tzu and Salazar come to an agreement to travel together and bring Clem over to the table and ask what it would take to get them to Aquilonia. “I could do it for 6 moon for the 3 of you” They come to an agreement and then finish their morning meal.

On The next day, they wake and head over to the aromory to see if Feng Tzu’s armor is ready. Lana accompanies them to visit with her uncles. Sigwolf, is rebuffed by lana a third time since he has met her, and her fine assets. They discuss with Ah-tun on where to obtain mounts for their journey and he smiles and says, “I have another brother…”

However, it is when they leave that they run across a man in black robes. He is massive and is clearly waiting for them as they leave the Anvil and Forge.

“Are you the barbarian that they are telling stories about in the streets?” He points at Sigwolf and says with a sneer. “If they are talking of my whoring prowess, then yes for they have not seen me in battle of which they would be talking about that too!” says Sigwolf.

The man in robes, says, “I am Connobar and I am the rightful heir to that barbarian kings throne, you would be wise to stop any journey you have in mind to help him”
The man in black robes, swirls his fist and opens his palm and a lightning bolt emits from his palm and misses Feng Tzu! Feng Tzu looks at Connobar and says, “You would be wise to understand who you are coming up agains” and pulls out his staff and points it at Connabar’s chest a flash comes out of the head of the staff and Connobar is sent flying back thirty feet into merchandise carts.

Salazar rushes in and puts his foot on Connobar’s chest and says, “you wont be going anywhere!” Connobar looks up and sneers and waves his had, and a swirl of dust encompasses him and he is gone. Salazar feels his foot touch the ground…

Sigwolf is visibly upset as he is not fond of magic, and this was a clear display of the powers both he and the apparent opponent posses.

After checking everyone for any wounds, they gather their belongings and grab Clem. The obtain rations and begin on their journey to Aquilonia


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