Heir to the Throne

Danger down below

As recounted by Sigwolf the Mighty

We arrived at the house of Conn to find another traveler named Cade waving us forward. He says he is here seeking Conn like us and we call out for Listers guards to let us in. After no one answers I tried to lift the gate but it is stuck solid. Cade climbs up the wall like some spider and opens the gate to let us inside. I still think the gate was broken.

Inside we check the rooms and find no trace of anyone and it doesn’t look like a fight has taken place but the keep is very clean. Then I notice that under the alter is a hidden passage that is not of the same work as the keep. We head down a strange set of stairs and see light far below. As I lead the way we find a room with four of Connobar’s priests and they change form into strange beasts. I save the green little man from death as I kill the hairy man beast, Cade kills the big bug that eats metal, and the soldier kills the cats.

We continue on and find giant rats that the green man used some spell on. Using fire and sword we kill the rats and move forward until we come to and outside garden. Their we find an older man that talks about the statues and the woman it is carved after, Selenia. She is the one from my dreams and I must have her but that sorcerous spawn is after her as well.

Now above all else he must die. That is my vow, by blood, or death if that be the will of Crom.



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