Heir to the Throne

Kismet in Jalizar, City of Thieves

Our Story So Far...

In the port of Jalizar, a frigate docked and began unloading its cargo and passengers. On the plank of the ship, a man dressed as a soldier disembarks the frigate and steps foot onto the dock in Jalizar, also know as the city of thieves. Disheveled and unkempt, the soldier begins walking and stopping here or there for people that will speak to him or give him the time of day. He begins to ask where work might be obtained and he is pointed to the Anvil and Forge, the local smithy run by Ah-tun.

As the soldier walks into the smithy, Ah-tun is showing the another customer to the adjoining armory owned by his brother, Chen. Chen is himself, measuring a Jademan, a Jademan who when looked at appears calm in nature if you were to describe him. The soldier overheard the Jademan ordering armor and it would take Chen two days to complete the pieces.

The Soldier walked to Ah-tun and asked if there is work to be found. Ah-tun said that if he were looking for work, he might have some but if it were the adventuring kind that the soldier wanted, he would be able to find it at the Fatted Calf, one of the cities Inns of ill repute.

The soldier, whose name was Salzar Piscar Augustus, upon hearing this, asked if there was any day jobs to do to afford the inn. Overhearing this, the Jademan Monk approached and introduced himself as Feng Tzu. The monk said he would cover the Soldier at the inn.

At this time, a rather large barbarian came through the door (more like filled it) of the Anvil and Forge. He came in looking to see what was available in this part of the country. The barbarian walked about the smithy looking at the various collections of weaponry and introduced himself to the soldier and the Monk.

“I am Sigwolf, of the Northern lands” as he put his fists on his waist. “I have heard one might find adventure here” The Jademan informed Sigwolf that they two were looking for adventure and then invited Sigwolf to accompany them to the Fatted Calf. Ah-tun mentioned that while they could find most anything at the Fatted Calf, he had heard of a rumour of a barbarian king, searching for his son, who was kidnapped. That was all that he was told but they could probably find out more at the inn.

Once in the Fatted Calf, Sigwolf made sure the locals knew who they were dealing with by informing a table of citizens that they were in his place. After obtaining his chair, he called for food, drink and wenches. Upon hearing this, an entertainer, named Lana came over, She was medium size, curvaceous and the head of the entertainment at the Fatted Calf. “after you bring me my ale, bring me six of your finest…entertainers for I am Sigwolf and my hunger in my belly and my loins are immense” She explained that she only had a few entertainers at the time. Feng Tzu and Salazar just took to a meal and drank. Sigwolf being the most gregarious and generous barbarian that he was, offered two of the entertainers to each Feng Tzu and Salazar. Salazar, a man of honor, felt awkward in taking anything but did accept the hospitality of the barbarian and adjourned himself for the night in the room Feng Tzu acquired for him.

On the following morning Salazar was up and trying to find work since they would be there for another day waiting on the new armor Feng Tzu ordered. Feng Tzu made it out to the great room as he saw Salazar doing things for the Inn keep, Meng, who was also a brother of the armorer, Ah-tun. It was at this time, that Sigwolf came stumbling out of the room he had and went out the front door, hoisted his loin cloth and relieved himself. Only to have woken up the self proclaimed prince of thieves, Clem who was sleeping outside of the Inn.

HEY!”, Sigwolf looked down and laughed, not stopping (because as one know, its hard to stop once you start) Sigwolf finished and came in, “Ale and food, then more women!”

Meng brought Clem a towel and said, “Don’t wipe your self, just go to the stabe and wash – this is for you to dry…teaches you to sleep outside of doors” meng turned to Sigwolf, “So are you the barbarian looking for adventure?” Sigwolf said " I am" Feng Tzu came out of his room and sat at the table with Sigwolf. Salazar, who was helping in the back, came out front wiping his hands.

Meng looked and said, " The barbarian king Conan of one of the independent cities, Aquilonia, is looking for mercenaries to find his kidnapped son, Conn. the reward is supposed to be great. The king has five sons and one daughter as heirs. There is one supposedly that comes to Jalizar often but it is only rumored. The man you relieved yourself on is a beggar but could lead you as he was a travel guide before he got lost in his drink. It is a two week ride by camel or horse."

Sigwolf, Feng Tzu and Salazar come to an agreement to travel together and bring Clem over to the table and ask what it would take to get them to Aquilonia. “I could do it for 6 moon for the 3 of you” They come to an agreement and then finish their morning meal.

On The next day, they wake and head over to the aromory to see if Feng Tzu’s armor is ready. Lana accompanies them to visit with her uncles. Sigwolf, is rebuffed by lana a third time since he has met her, and her fine assets. They discuss with Ah-tun on where to obtain mounts for their journey and he smiles and says, “I have another brother…”

However, it is when they leave that they run across a man in black robes. He is massive and is clearly waiting for them as they leave the Anvil and Forge.

“Are you the barbarian that they are telling stories about in the streets?” He points at Sigwolf and says with a sneer. “If they are talking of my whoring prowess, then yes for they have not seen me in battle of which they would be talking about that too!” says Sigwolf.

The man in robes, says, “I am Connobar and I am the rightful heir to that barbarian kings throne, you would be wise to stop any journey you have in mind to help him”
The man in black robes, swirls his fist and opens his palm and a lightning bolt emits from his palm and misses Feng Tzu! Feng Tzu looks at Connobar and says, “You would be wise to understand who you are coming up agains” and pulls out his staff and points it at Connabar’s chest a flash comes out of the head of the staff and Connobar is sent flying back thirty feet into merchandise carts.

Salazar rushes in and puts his foot on Connobar’s chest and says, “you wont be going anywhere!” Connobar looks up and sneers and waves his had, and a swirl of dust encompasses him and he is gone. Salazar feels his foot touch the ground…

Sigwolf is visibly upset as he is not fond of magic, and this was a clear display of the powers both he and the apparent opponent posses.

After checking everyone for any wounds, they gather their belongings and grab Clem. The obtain rations and begin on their journey to Aquilonia



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