(Opening scene…a throne room of a small fortress within the Independent Cities of the Dread Star Dominions. A king sits upon the throne as his Calad historian/wizard is reading back the last of 20 scrolls set before him). It is the last days of the Barbarian King. Not quite the formidable force he once was, but still one would be wise not to test him.

The king, as he has aged, has grown sentimental and nostalgic. He has dispatched his Sargent at arms for one of his many sons, Conn whom he has decided to name as his heir.

When the Sargent at arms arrived at the priest-house of Conn, they found an empty dwelling and signs of a scuffle. While investigating further, the priests house staff and personal guards were found slain and displayed in some sort of ritual fashion.

The Sargent at arms, rushed back to the Kings compound and informed him. After hearing of this the Sergeant at arms asked the king if he should gather the arms men.

Conan, the Cimmerian, looked at his sergeant at arms and said, "no, if we are under attack we will need you here to guard the city. Send word to the thieves, rogues, and sorcerers of Aquilonia, that they are needed to aid their King in his search for his son.

“Spread the word that Conan the Barbarian will ride till he finds his son, and that the lands will run with blood till he is found”

Heir to the Throne

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