Heir to the Throne

Bloodshed and Servility

After being knocked out by the pirates of the Finger islands, our heroes had been taken below the deck of the Benevolent and split up. Salazar, Cade and Sigwolf were taken to a holding compartment and had been tied, hands and feet, and hung from poles like slabs of meat. The pygmies have tended to you but they have been seen often, looking at our heroes with hungry eyes and rubbing their stomachs.

Our party learned, from over hearing the crew, that Captain Pettibout is one of two, the older brother, Hendrix, is on the islands and has the sister of Captain Haimes, Bethesda, as his prisoner. There is talk that he is also the much more troublesome of the two for he is heard to have powers equal to that of the elusive Connobar.

After what Salazar, Feng Tszu, Sigwolf and Cade reason that they have been traveling for 4 or 5 days at sea. After a time, they felt the ship weigh anchor. As the pygmies come in to the holding area to collect our party of heroes, the pygmies are most excited and they have gathered up our party as if they were no real burden up to the deck of the Benevolent. They were lowered to 3 smaller boats off the side of the ship and then they were off to what some could see as shore.

After a short time of rowing, the boats have landed on a beach, and the pygmies are excited. The 7 Pygmy hunters and sole shaman brought our party to a camp that has a huge fire pit and they are building a huge fire. They are laid out in two by two piles, Salazar and Feng Tszu, Sigwolf and Cade. Sigwolf motioned to Cade that he was about to break loose, Cade in turn signaled to Salazar and Feng Tszu laid there.

Salazar began to create a distraction and Sigwolf snapped his hands free, quick to cover up the breach. Cade then was able to break his hands free and hid his freed hands as well. Salazar continued to make the distraction and Sigwolf motioned to Cade that he should ready himself as he was about to free his feet. Sigwolf the mighty, broke his hands free but the loud thump from his mass brought the full attention of the Pygmies to him and they pounced on him.

Cade then began to free himself as the Pygmies were distracted by the pummeling of Sigwolf by the 4’2" hunters and their blow guns. Cade made thump and then belly crawled to Salazar and cut him and Feng Tszu from their bindings. Then they came rushing to Sigwolf’s aid and joined the fray!

Sigwolf, as mighty as he was was sorely tested with the little men who barely came to his waist! Swinging wildly. he dispatched them most inefficiently and not without picking up a wound or two before his comrades could come to his rescue nor before Cade caved in a skull or two! They quickly looked for any weapons and found crates that the pygmies bought with them. In one crate was there personal effects.

After dispatching with these eight, they took one of the boats and headed to the next island. There they found another camp, and the bones of those not fortunate enough to escape. “Ne demandez pas pour qui sonne le glas, le glas sonne pour toi!” The term translated, “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, The bell tolls for thee!” – This was all Cade could think of when he discovered different sizes of human bones…all that he picked up had teeth marks on them…he shivered and continued to scout out the abandoned camp.

They found a similar crates as in their camp and quickly set upon searching them. All were full of rusted weapons and armor. The set to the boat again and this time, they went straight to the largest of the Five fingers. They let Cade lead as Sigwolf was still nursing his little welts from his lil opponents. Cade was able to discover another boat and found yet another camp. This time they was only five pirates held within readying to eat their meal. Cade, Sigwolf and Salazar walked up first as they were nervous for Feng Tszu since he was so small.

Cade notched a bow and walked up with the stealth of a jungle cat on easy prey, only to let the arrow fly, find its mark in the head of the apparent leader, leaving a sound of a pumpkin being pierced by an arrow. Cade was known to hit his mark while they ate, “It is right to have ones belly full before he is carried by the Valkyries to Valhalla!”

The slain pirates companions started to get up when a broad shouldered pirate said, “Fuck em! I’m the leader now!” He rushed Cade and the others drew their throwing knives and let loose on Sigwolf. Sigwolf, who after being pummeled by wee little pygmies, was struck dead in the chest with a throwing knife taking a wound! Salazar thought, “ooh its not his day!”

Cade quickly dispatched the next leader while Salazar once again came to Sigwolf’s aid. Salazar dispatched with one of the pirates while two remaining pirates descended on Sigwolf!

As Salazar made quick practice of the pirate by thrusting his spear into the pirate’s body, he noticed Sigwolf was at least (and finally) defending himself appropriately. Cade had taken care of his pirate and began to work on the two remaining pirates beating on Sigwolf.

After our battered heroes dispatched of these pirates, they set off to find Captain Haimes and his sister. All they needed to do was search a bit more and they heard voices coming through the jungle foliage. They heard a woman’s screams and Captain Haimes shouting.

The came up to a scene of a camp of three huts and Captain Haimes being tide to a pole and his sister, a buxom red headed beauty tied to another pole. Caressing her cheek was a disheveled man whom our heroes could only tell was Captain Hendrix Pettibout! The scourge of the finger islands!

From one of the huts came two Pygmies who looked different that the group that bought our heroes to the first island. Captain Pettibout pulled a small golden idol from within his jacket. From far away, Feng Tszu felt a sudden pull as he recognized the golden totem of the yeti in the hands of this bastard and watched him hand it over to the pygmies. The pygmies handed Captain Pettibout a bag and he attached it to his waist. The Pygmies retreated through the jungle and were gone. Feng Tszu knew that was the item within his visions, it was the lost and sacred artifact of his temple!

Feeling up to it, our heroes once again came into full view of the camp and asked for the release of the Captain Haimes and his sister, Bethesda. Captain Hendrix Pettibout laughed and whistled, and out from three of the huts were twelve pirates! Our heroes after going through thirteen men so fare this day, laughed and said – “Bring it!”

Captain Pettibout smiled and said “Oh I shall” and reached into the sack that the pygmies gave him and produced the finger bones of the pirates that had been consumed by these cannibal pygmies. For if you do not know, when the cannibal pygmies eat your flesh they also consume your soul. They perform rituals over the bones to do their bidding to whomever brings them back, grateful to be out of the darkness…

Captain Pettibout reached into the satchel and sprinkled the bones of those consumed by the cannibals! Slowly from the bones, skeleton pirates came out of the ground and stood their waiting for their commands. “Kill them,” was all Captain Pettibout uttered and they descended upon our party of heroes.

Now, with Sigwolf hurt, Salazar Feng Tszu and Cade fought the twenty in groups of fours, with 8 surrounding Sigwolf as he was the largest target for them. Salazar taking quick action rushed the pirates to his right and cut off any throwing daggers and used his spear with surgical precision to fight his share of the battle.

Cade took his four and brought about the end of one pirate quickly. He then rushed in and started to take aim at the leader. Sigwolf, being battered again abut hurting both the priates and the skeletons broke loose from his group and followed Cade.

Feng Tszu had four on him and with his whispering staff, laid then to the ground and knocked them back 20 feet!

Salazar was nothing but a flurry with his spear but he too was becoming overwhelmed. He dropped to a knee after a particularly vicious attack to his ribs. Cade rushed Captain Pettibout and tried to dispatch of him quickly but it couldn’t be done!

Cade, with the last of his might brought about his short sword down and sunk the head into the clavicle of Captain Pettibout! Releasing it from the body with a spray of blood. Sigwolf grabbed the head of Pettibout and cleaved it off with one swing lifting it into the air like the trophy it was.

As if they were all connected, the skeletons dropped and the pirates stopped what they were doing and half fled. The other half looked at the head and then back at their target and began their next attack. Sigwolf screamed, “Behold I am your leader now, follow me or meet the same fate as this one!” After hearing the intimidating words of Sigwolf the pirates all eight of them said they would follow Sigwolf.

Cade wiping his brow, then untied Captain Haimes. Sigwolf in turn went for his Sister, whom he tried to get friendly with and she slapped him. Salazar only muttered the words “over here” and then dropped face first into the sand. Bethesda was a healer and she laid hands on Salazar and brought him too. Feng Tszu was brought in to help restore Salazar.

Bethesda then went on to help Sigwolf with his wounds as was Feng Tszu. Sigwolf just looked about and said, “where’s the ale?”

Captain Haimes looked at the four heroes shaking his head in disbelief at the servility, “I guess you earned your passage to Ascencia”

(Fade to black)


Aw hell no!

Bloodshed and Servility

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