Heir to the Throne

Out of the mountains and Into the darkness

As our heroes learned of the attack on the house of Conn from the house servant, Horatio, who informed them that Conobar had designs on the king’s daughter, Selenia. It is unknown what Connobar wants her for, only that she is needed.

Horatio also informed our heroes that if they were to follow the range of mountains through the pass, they would come upon the kingdom of Hellias. It is the season of harvest and the king’s Harvest Carnival is among the kingdom. It was learned that it might be hard to acquire a vessel to take them to the island of Ascaia, the island of the Amazon queens.

After hearing of this, our heroes mounted up and brought Horatio with them. Hillario spoke for the king that he would be a welcome addition to the kings house till Conn was found. Horatio agreed and the six of you set on your path to Hellias.

After ten days of travel with nothing interesting occurring during this time, they found them selves at the gate to Hellias. But the gates were closed and were told to come back in the morning, so as one would do, they made camp out by the sides of the roads with the rerst of the travelers had.

They awoke and saw people coming and going through the now open gates. They broke camp and headed into the city of Hellias. Salazar the soldier and Feng Tszu went to the docks and learned that the ships were all dockes and had no crews as they were all making their way to the Harvest carnival in the heart of the city.

Sigwolf and Cade made their way to the nearest taverns as they were looking for sailing crews to purchase their passage to Ascencia. However, they found themselves in the tavern with all men and no wenches! They never ever found themselves in this predicament and soon discovered from the only serving wench if it were female companion ship they were looking for they needed to head to the Harvest Carnival…to the Red flagged tents…not the blue, for they would be most disappointed if they went to the blue flagged tents. As it were the serving wench was able to scare up a few whores for Sigwolf with the meal and ale. After they ate and drank, they retired to their rooms to commence with their whoring ways.

Meanwhile, Salazar and Feng Tszu discover from the harbor master that there is one ship that is readying to set sail, the Benevolent. Salazar and Feng Tszu find Captain Haimes Mendestoux. Captain Haimes informes Salazar that he is not taking on any passengers on this time. Looking distressed, Salazar asked if he and Feng Tszu could be of any help as they were adventurers. Captain Haimes thought a moment and informed Salazar that he would take them on as passangers if they would help him man his ship as his crew was out and couldnt be brought back in condition to sial. They would also have to sail to rescue his sister, Bethesda Mendestoux who has been captured by Captain Hendrix Pettibou, the scurge of the Finger Island pirates!

Salazar accepts the offer and he and Feng Tszu embark on their way to the Festivel to find Sigwolf and Cade. Salazar having gotten to know his new adventuring group, decides he and Feng Tszu should head to the whore tents first!

And his guess was right, Sigwolf had decimated an entire tent and was being cursed in foreign languages as he threw water over himself after satiating his carnal appetites. After collecting Sigwolf and Cade, they made their way back to the Benevolent. After boarding, they were introduced with Captain Haimes and on the next morning they set sail.

Captain Haimes instruiced the heroes how to work the various sails and what was needed to get the ship where it needed to. Three days into the journey, Feng Tszu who was up in the crow’s nest, saw a ship in the distance approaching fast. As they were trying to gather everyone on the deck, the unrecognized ship got closer, and through his spyglass, Captain Haimes recognized it as one of the Finger Island Pirate ships, the Terrible’ It was rumored to be captained by Theroux Pettibou, a Captain of the finger pisland pirates and brother to Captain Hendrix Petibou and just as nasty.

Captain Haimes took the heroes below and showed them how to fire the cannons. Sigwolf and Cade manned the cannons and Salazar and Feng Tszu readied for boarders.

As the Terrible got closer it took a offensive position to the benevolent and came along side of her, letting loose a barage of canon balls. and they could see the men of the Terrible set grappling hooks for boarding parties. The Terrible came about and let loose another barage of cannon balls and this time it was enough to get close to the Benevolent and take her. Captain Haimes, Salazar and Feng Tzu waited as the pirates came aboard and it looked like it was the captain himself who came over as well.

“Thanks for bringing me a new ship, bring yourselves out and we wont kill you slowly!‘, Captain Theroux yelled. Captain Haimes came out and said, “Fine we surrender” Hearing that, like the trained soldier he was, Salazar came out ready to swing with little Feng Tszu as his heels. "The great Salazar doesn’t surrender!’ and Captain Haimes turned to him and said, “Today you do as this was my plan!”

Feng Tszu and Salazar broke into action – Feng Tszu took his whistleing staff to the men in front of him and sent them flying 30 feet back and Salazar went after the Captain. The captain had a pisoners glove on and grazed Salazar’s face. He could feel a slick sticky substance on his face and he started to feel funny.

It was Feng Tsu who noticed that about half of the men on the Terrible’ were pygmies he had heard about. The hunters were known to have blow guns with poisoned darts in them.
And as he was contemplating this, he felt a stick in his neck and he too started feeling the ealry affects. of this poison.

Sigwolf and Cade were letting cannon balls fly and they noteiced through the holes in the boat that the crew were half pygmies. And Cad saw the blow guns and ducked. He was even hit once or twice but was not affected as of yet. Sigwolf was not so lucky as he was hit a multiple times in the chest and started keeling forward.

Before Feng Tszu collapsed he brought his muster togethor and made an incredible blow to the head of Captain Theroux Pettibou, and spit his skull wide open. As he was recovering from the swing, Feng Tszu like his comrades started to feel himself slip into the darkness of unconsciousness.



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